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the electronics consists of two boards, one control board and one power board. the control board has two atmel avr microcontrollers to read the signals from the r/c receiver, read the signals from the gyros and to compute the propper speed for all four motors. the power board simply drives the motors. not shown on the photo is the battery pack to energize the whole thing.

short description:
- 4 electro motors
- 2 clock wise and 2 counter clock wise props to compensate torque
- 3 piezo gyros to stabilize in all three axes
- self designed electronics

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(c) oliver tscherwitschke 1999 - 2003

the only problem with this aircraft is that it is not flying yet...

some things to improve for the next model:
- bigger props
- less weight, use carbon fibre for the body, design new and smaller electronics
- implement a real control algorithm for better stabilization.


last updated 2003-01-25