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mouse rate checker 1.1b

this little program measures and displays the sample rate of a mouse, i.e. how often the mouse sends information to your computer.

works on windows 95/98/me, nt 4.0 and windows 2000.

read more about mouse rate checker on the projects page.

download mouse rate checker 1.1b (8k)

if you don't have the mfc libraries installed on your computer and you get an error "required .dll not found: mfc42.dll" or similar you need the statically linked version.

download statically linked version of mouse rate checker 1.1b (73k)

for a collection of good mouse-rate-related links visit the mouse resource page of blue's news.


flip - software for the flash programmer fp51 from elv

download flip51 version 0.3.1 (50 kb)
NEW: now also runs on windows NT, 2000 and XP.
this is an updated version, now it runs also on faster computers and i added support for the at89c4051 and included intel hex file input and some bug fixes.
This is the complete source (under GNU public license) and a precompiled windows executable (will  run on win 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP). it should be possible to compile the code for linux, but i since i don´t have a linux installation right now, i was not able to write and test a makefile.

for NT, 2000 and XP you need the giveio.sys driver. download it here:
unzip it and copy the file giveio.sys into flip51’s directory.

download the linux source for flip51 version 0.1 (7k)
This was the first release and only runs on linux. on faster computers you will probably get some timing problems that prevent the program from being useful.


irda layout

download the layout in eagle 4.0 and tiff format (121k)



Schaltplan und Layout Version 1.0 im Eagle 4.03 Format (79k)

Software HD 0.991m2 (135k)

Alte Versionen:
HD 0.991m1
HD 0.991m



otOS 0.9.0 source and documentation (200k)


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