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A real time operating system for AVR microcontrollers

otOS is a small real time operating system written for AVR 8-bit microcontrollers.

It’s neither very small or fast nor better than any other AVR operating system. I just wanted to write my own OS for the learning effect and for the fun I have playing around with low level stuff.

otOS has a BSD style license, which means basically, that you can use, modify and redistribute otOS as you want, as long as you retain this license.

Download otOS from my download page.

For compiling otOS you need AVR-GCC 3.3.
A windows package called “WinAVR” is available for download at
AVR Freaks.

View the Online documentation.

More information and some sample otOS applicatins will be provided later. In the meantime, if you need advice or have problems with otOS, just contact me.

(c) oliver tscherwitschke 1999 - 2003

last updated 2003-01-25